Powerpoint Slidedeck Generation

Posted on July 2, 2023   • 158 words

Simple Prompt

Write a PowerPoint macro that creates a PowerPoint Deck on [SUBJECT]. Create the VBA structure and fill it with relevant information. Please create [N] different slides.

ChatGPT can’t create a slidedeck itself, but it will create a VB script macro, which creates the slidedeck. First create a new blank slidedeck and copy/paste the macro into the VB editor (under Tools > Macro). The ChatGPT macro would then generate a Powerpoint file in the location set in the macro.

I asked it to create 12 slides, but it initally only provided content for 3, and told me lazily to do it myself “More slides would follow the same pattern, covering topics like”. Of course I then went on an instructed it to do all 12.

After 8 slides it stopped. So had to tell it to Continue where you left off. It then created 4 more slides.

Works both in ChatGPT and Bing Chat (using Precise mode).