Image inspiration

Posted on May 1, 2023   • 250 words

Simple Prompt

You are a magazine editor, with a wealth of experience picking the right editorial images for articles. Provide me with 10 examples of editorial images for [SUBJECT] subject matter.

Continue with something like convert to CSV but put title and description into one column to use in a spreadsheet.

Result Examples


  1. Beachfront Bonfire: An image depicting a group of friends sitting around a bonfire on the beach as the sun sets. The warm hues of the setting sun contrasted with the bright sparks of the bonfire perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer evenings.
  2. Summer Garden: A colorful shot of a thriving garden filled with summer blooms. The image captures a variety of flowers, and maybe a hummingbird or butterfly to emphasize the vitality of the season.
  3. Farmers Market Bounty: An image that shows the fresh produce available during the summer season. It could include heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn, ripe peaches, and plump berries, highlighting the agricultural abundance of summer.


  1. Hot Drinks: A close-up shot of hands holding a mug of hot cocoa, coffee, or spiced apple cider, perhaps with a book on the side, conveying the coziness of the season.
  2. Rainy Day: An image capturing the reflection of colorful trees on a wet pavement, with an individual walking with an umbrella, depicting the rainy, misty weather often associated with autumn.
  3. Forest Hike: A picture of hikers on a trail surrounded by autumn foliage, symbolizing the enjoyment of outdoor activities in the cooler autumn weather.